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September 18
Week At a Glance Sept. 21-25

Hello MAS Families. We have had a great second week of school. Students have really settled in, adjusted to routine changes, and seem to be enjoying their day.  There is lots of learning and fun echoing through the school. This week students participated in a fire drill. The students did an amazing job and moved quickly and quietly to our meeting zones outside.

A few reminders/important notes:

Student Fees- Reminder that student fees are due. The cost this year is $45. This can be paid online at SchoolCashOnline or send into the school. If you need assistance, please contact Roxy to discuss options.

Virtual Open House- Our virtual Open House will be on Wednesday, September 23rd starting at 6pm for grades ½ Belyea, ¾ Coes, and 5 McCabe and at 6:25pm grades ½ Davis and K Tingley. Of course this year is different and this will all  be done online. Teachers will be sending you a Microsoft Teams Meeting Link. I ask that you test this link prior to Wednesday’s meeting. All you need to do is click the link- it will re-direct you to the meeting window. You will see a window asking you to sign in with Microsoft account or underneath to join as a guest. Please join as a guest. You should then be directed to the waiting room and it will tell you someone will let you in. If you get this far, you will be good to go for the parent meeting. If you run into any troubles, PLEASE reach out to me and I can try and help you navigate into the meeting. If trying to access the meeting on a phone or tablet, it is best to download the app first.

PSSC- CALLING ALL PARENTS- we are in need of parents to join our PSSC. In order for us to have a PSSC group, we need two or more members to join. For those that are not involved this is a wonderful opportunity to be involved in your child’s education. The PSSC helps in education decision making at the school level and shares ideas and input with the Principal. Meetings are once a month, 5-6 times a year, for one hour. We would love you join us! A pamphlet with more information will be coming home on Monday.

Recess/Weather- We have had some beautiful days to start the year, but the cold and rain are coming. Please be sure your child is dressed for the weather. We will be outside during recess time as much as possible, unless the weather does not permit (heavy rain, cold temperatures, etc). This means if it is drizzling out, windy, snowy, etc. we will be getting outside for fresh air and free time. Please make sure your child comes prepared with- coats, rain boots, hats, mittens, etc. It is also a good idea (no matter the grade) to have a change of clothes in your child’s back pack or left in the classroom.

Not Feeling Well- A few reminders when your child is not feeling well from public health-.

  • Children with one symptom can come to school. However, we do encourage self monitoring and COVID-19 testing. They do not need to isolate at home while awaiting results if they just have one symptom. 
  • Children  with ONE significant symptom such as fever or diarrhea should not be at school. They should not return to school until 24 hours post fever or 48 hours post vomiting/diarrhea.
  • Children with TWO symptoms should not be at school and we encourage COVID-19 testing and/or family physician.
  • When a student is not feeling well the student should NOT return to school until they are symptom free. Even with a negative result, they should not return until they are feeling better.

For the most current process for Cornovirus testing, please go to: https://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/corporate/promo/covid-19.html Parents can now self-refer and request testing on-line, or can still call 811. 811 will help families that may not be able to self-refer on-line. If you ever are unsure or have questions, please do not hesitate to call us here at school and we can help you.

Terry Fox Walk- ON Friday afternoon we will be holding our Terry Fox walk. Ms Bush will talk about Terry Fox in phys ed class this week and share his story of this years message to try. Students will stay with their class and walk around the field. Students are encouraged to donate $2 towards the cause.

This Week:

Monday Sept.21- Hot lunch order forms due

Tuesday Sept. 22-

Wednesday Sept. 23- Virtual Open House. Starting at 6pm online!

Thursday Sept. 24- Milk Program begins

Friday Sept. 25- Terry Fox Walk- classes will walk around the field in honor and support of Terry Fox.

Upcoming Dates:

September 30th - Orange Shirt Day and School Picture Day (students can change into orange shirts after photos)

October 4th-10th- Fire Prevention Week

October 12th - Happy Thanksgiving! No school.

October 13th-16th- Pre Kindergarten Registration 2021-2022 (online)

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a great weekend.

Cynthia Burnett

BA, BEd, Med


McAdam Avenue School

Anglophone School District West

If a child can’t learn the way you teach, then teach in a way so that the child can learn.  ~Unknown.​


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