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How-to & Hints
/sites/ASD-W/ssimages/news.pngAdd or edit SCHOOL NEWS

Hint: You must choose a category.  Featured News is semi-permanently displayed at top of page.  School News appears in center column in the "Latest News" section.  Home&School/PSSC News appears in those pages. 

/sites/ASD-W/ssimages/calendar.jpgAdd or edit a CALENDAR Event

Hint: Hover on the day you want to add an event and click on the calendar date and "+Add" option.

/sites/ASD-W/ssimages/documents75.pngAdd or edit a DOCUMENT
Hint: PDF files are best format for placing documents online.  You can easily convert Micr​osoft Word documents by clicking on FILE->SAVE AS, then choose the .pdf format.
Click on this link for more .pdf instructions.
Are you trying to delete a document but can't find it?  You probably added it as an attachment to one of your news blog posts.  You should be able to find the document below:
DELETE a document you attached to SCHOOL NEWS 
or go directly to the documents section of Athletics/Clubs/Guidance/Other...




/sites/ASD-W/ssimages/staff.jpgAdd or edit a STAFF MEMBER

Hint: Scroll to bottom of page to see the "+ ADD new item" option or hover over a staff member and place a checkmark to the left of the "Last Name" and you will now see "Edit Item" at top of the page.

/sites/ASD-W/ssimages/Video-Icon-Blue1.pngAdd or remove a School VIDEO

​Hint: To change the video thumbnail use this address in the "Add thumbnail hyperlink":
(or change color to Red or Green, etc.)
REMOVE the http:// when pasting information above

/sites/ASD-W/ssimages/schoolnewsvideo1.pngAdd or edit School MORNING ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO

Hint: Only use this if you add video NEWS announcements separately from school videos.

/sites/ASD-W/ssimages/camera.pngAdd or remove a picture to the PICTURE GALLERY

Hint: Try resizing the image prior to uploading. Create a new folder for new events

/sites/ASD-W/ssimages/slideshow.pngAdd or remove a picture to the SLIDESHOW

Hint: Try resizing the image prior to uploading.  
This slideshow is for the pictures you really want to highlight.
Take the time to delete older images periodically.

/sites/ASD-W/ssimages/pssc.pngAdd or edit a PSSC MEMBER
Hint: Please don't delete anyone, just edit the current member's name and year. 

/sites/ASD-W/ssimages/Homeandschoolmember.pngAdd or edit a H&S Member

Hint: Please don't delete anyone, just edit the current member's name and year.

/sites/ASD-W/ssimages/dailyschedule.pngEdit the Daily Schedule/School Hours

Hint: Click on "Add New Item"​ or click on the Title to edit an item

/sites/ASD-W/ssimages/audio-icon.pngAdd or edit an AUDIO file

Hint: some formats may work better than others.  WMA recommended.

/sites/ASD-W/ssimages/avatar1.pngEdit Principal's Message

Hint: Must upload the principal's image to school website first then copy/paste the image URL.

/sites/ASD-W/ssimages/missionvision.pngEdit the Mission & Vision Statements

Hint: Edit the item

Add an "OTHER" Page

Hint: If you want to add a page that's NOT a Teacher Page or Sports Page, etc. You go to this OTHER subsite and CREATE or EDIT one of the Categories.
For example: You want to have a special page for Summer School.  You would go to this OTHER subsite and have a Summer School category.

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B​e VERY CAREFUL when editing the menu/navigation structure!
Please refer to the red HELP button to the right.
If you have any doubt or questions you should contact or via email or LYNC prior to attempting this.