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September 04
Changes to Student Transportaition

Anglophone West School District Transportation Department’s past practice has been to allow students to travel to and from multiple locations on a school bus.  We have historically been able to provide this service because our school buses could transport up to 70 students.  However, under the current guidelines of operating a school bus during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to greatly reduce the student capacity on our school buses.  Starting in September 2020, we will not be able to transport more than 48 students (for middle and high school students) and much fewer than 48 when transporting Kindergarten to Grade 5 students on any of our school buses.  Although our requirements under Regulation 2001-51 are to transport students to and from home, we understand that for many families, alternate pick-up and drop-off locations are necessary.  Considering this, we are asking families to select only one pick-up and drop-off location for the 2020-21 school year.  Should the pick-up or drop-off location need to change, we require 5 school days’ notice.  It is our utmost intent to ensure that we best serve the families of our school district and we will try accommodating as many requests as possible.  We ask that if you require a pick-up or drop-off location other than your residence, please email us at asdw.ptms@nbed.nb.ca  or call 1-506-325-4582 to advise.  We will require the student’s name, address, grade, school, and alternate address location (pick-up or drop-off) to accept any requests.  We appreciate your support with this initiative.  Sincerely, Daniel Wishart - Transportation Manager​

June 10
Library Notice

Good Afternoon Parents of KVMS,


Our Library has quite a few books still out. It is very important that these get returned before the end of the year.  Please drop off any Library books your child may have at home when picking up your child's report card. Those dates will be coming to you soon. There will be a Library cart available to place your books on.


Thank you,


Christa McKeil, Librarian, KVMS

Jaime Foster-Stewart, Principal, KVMS​ 

June 01
Phys. Ed. Spring Challenge


​Find more information here: Monday June 1 Spring Challenge.docxMonday June 1 Spring Challenge.docx

May 29
Our EAs are National Award Recipients

​We are beyond proud of our Educational Assistants who, as an entire team, received the National Inclusive Education Award.  This Canada-wide prize on reaffirms what we knew about our staff: that they are amazing.  We love our EAs and are proud to say these people work diligently with your children every day.

Here's the press release: https://nbacl.nb.ca/13-new-brunswick-recipients-announced-for-national-inclusive-education-awards/?fbclid=IwAR0HcM7jzJnKu5a0bP1ZgK3yajuifNeSxSw9Mo7w9TsZ_uTRKid_Rj4Q_vA​

May 15
Hard Working Students

​We love seeing our hard working students, especially in this time where we're all apart.  We definitely miss our classes.



April 30
We <3 You


​Shout out to Kaylynn and her wonderful Laura Secord costume and photoshoot.  Unforunately she couldn't show off her wonderful Heritage Fair project to her classmates the way she intended, but what a great photo set!

Please check the right hand side for a new document regarding how to collect student belongings.

Family pick up of personal belongings at KVMS letter.docFamily pick up of personal belongings at KVMS letter.doc

Keep those photos coming!  We love to see your smiling faces.


April 27
Week 3 of Distanced Learning Opportunities


​While this unprecedented time is definitely challenging, we hope you are finding the highlights each day.  We know that seeing our students hard at work always brings a smile to our teachers and staff's faces.

Please keep in regular contact with your child's homeroom teacher.  They should be sending out a weekly e-mail and be trying to contact you semi-regularly on the phone as well, just to ensure things are going smoothly both with the work and in general.  We are a community, and as such KVMS wants to help support our families as best we can.

Mrs. Bourgoin started the activity tracker challenge today!  See her teacher page, MS Teams, the Facebook page, or e-mail her for more information.  

Remember, we love to see our students working hard, so if you'd like your child to be featured in these messages, just send your photos along to their homeroom teacher with a note saying they have permission to be on the website!  

Take care Coyotes!

April 22
We Love Seeing Our Hard Working Students



​If you have any pictures of your child working at home you want to share, please send them to your homeroom teacher letting them know we have permission to post them on our website.

April 20
Week 2 of Distanced Learning

marty and olivia working at home.jpg

Way to go, KVMS students and families!  We're getting through this trying time together.

As we learn more and more about the best ways to help support you, we are more confident than ever that we can do this.

Teachers have been working hard to come up with fun and engaging ideas for you, and we hope you are in regular contact with them.  If not, please reach out, as we want to ensure we can support you as much as possible.

New documents have been uploaded (see the right hand side of the home page) with information on resources you can contact if you need anything.  Again, we want to stress how proud we are of working and being in this community and see us all come together to support one another.

April 10
We Are In This Together

​​       As a school team, we are working hard to make sure we get our website up to date.  We will be adding information here as an easy way for you find newsletters, district documents, and more. As teachers and teams get learning opportunities and plans together, we will upload them here for easy access.  We are all in this together, and we are here to support you. ​

      On the right hand side of the home page, there is a section labeled documents.  You will see new documents posted there as often as they are submitted to us from your teachers and teams.  These will be general documents for more than one specific class.

     Specific class documents​​ will be uploaded to individual teacher pages, which you can navigate to using Teacher Pages at the top.  Then choosing your child's class from the list on the right.

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