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May 22

​Please choose the link for the grade you will be entering in September 2020.

Grade 11 and 12 Students​

Grade 10 French Immersion Students​

Grade 10 Prime Students​

Course Booklet Description and Credit Information is found in documents (right hand side of laptop or at bottom of your iphone)

If you have any questions please email:

Mr. Harding - kevin.harding@nbed.nb.ca

Mrs. Harding - rebecca.harding@ nbed.nb.ca

Mrs. Freake - peggy.freake@nbed.nb.ca

April 21
Student Loan Information

Although the student loan information sessions in New Brunswick high schools have been cancelled, the presentation slides are on this website: www.studentaid.gnb.ca.

The link is titled: Presentation – Single dependent students and can be found on the home page directly under “Information guide”.

If any students or parents have questions they can contact this toll free number at 1-800-667-5626.

April 06
Continuation of Learning
Families will begin receiving information from your child's teacher soon. Parents and students are asked to please check their email. If your child (grades 3-12) has forgotten their email address or password, please see the document called Reset Password - found on the right side of our web page. 
April 01
Request to Connect
r2c4.pngFor students and families to gain support for normal stress and anxiety, personal concerns, and school or career development questions including postsecondary requests. Click on the "connect" image to the left.​
December 19

The New Brunswick Teen Apprentice Program (NBTAP) is recruiting Grade 10 and 11 students for Summer 2020 skilled trade pre-apprentice work opportunities with employers throughout New Brunswick. Applications will be accepted from November 25 to January 17. Interested? To learn more about NBTAP:
▪ Check out www.nbtap.ca/students for more information about the program;
▪ Watch the Could This Be You? video to see how NBTAP could help you get a head start on a great career in the skilled trades;
▪ Follow NBTAP on Facebook (/NBTAP.PAJNB), Twitter (@NBTAP_PAJNB), YouTube (NBTAP/PAJNB), or Instagram (@nbtap_pajnb); and
▪ Talk to your NBTAP School Champion.​​

September 04
ELF Volunteers

Would you like to become an elf reading mentor at John Caldwell School? Call 1-855-898-2533 for more inforamtion and check out the poster on our multimedia site.​

January 16
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