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February 22
10AB Science & 9/10 C Science test - Feb 27, 2019

Test outline – Wednesday, February 27, 2019

  • Silence of the frogs

  • Extinction in the modern world

  • Canada’s endangered species

  • Ecology

  • Cycling of organic matter

  • Carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, phosphorous cycle, energy flow

  • Deforestation

  • Canadian Biomes

February 21
9 FI Identité canadienne La glaciation du Wisconsin

​Voici la PowerPoint de la migration des premiers habitants de l'Amérique du Nord pour ceux et celles qui en ont besoin.La glaciation du Wisconsin.pptLa glaciation du Wisconsin.ppt

February 20
English 9/10C, 10AB

​If you were absent today, we finished watching the Viola Desmond documentary and completed response questions. Please finish the video and answer the questions on loose leaf.


Response Questions to the Documentary “Long Road to Justice - The Viola Desmond Story”

 1.      Describe the discrimination against Black Canadians in Nova Scotia in 1946.

2.      Are you surprised that racism existed in Canada in 1946 (end of WWII)? Explain.

3.      What did Viola Desmond do in the Roseland Theatre and why?

4.      How was she treated when arrested? How did she react? What does her reaction tell you about her?

5.      How was the trial unfair?

6.      Do you think that Viola Desmond deserves to be on the Canadian $10 bill? Explain.

7.      Do you think that racism exists in Canada in 2019? Explain.​

February 19
6FI Math

​- Work on page 195:  #10 a).

- Review pages: 163, 167, 173 and 181

February 12
6FI Math

​- Review pages 173 and 177.

- Work on page 178 #1.

February 11
6FI Math

​- Review pages 172-173.

February 11

​- Work on ideas for their story "Texte narratif:  récit d'aventure".

February 06
7FI ELA poetry project
February 06
6FI ELA Poetry Proect
February 05
English 112

​Salt Water Moon journal assignment due: Friday, February 8th (beginning of class, as per HHS Late Assignment Policy).​

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