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February 25
Chemistry 112 - naming quiz

Naming Quiz – Friday, February 28, 2020

Name to formula and formula to name for:

Ionic compounds (binary and polyatomic)

Molecular compounds

Classical names for acids

February 25
7FI Math

​We are starting a new unit on circles and area.  Today we covered some key terms and copied down the definitions.

The following outcomes will be covered in this unit:

o    7.SS1 Demonstrate an understanding of circles by:

§  7.SS1.a describing the relationships among radius, diameter and circumference of circles

      7.SS1.b relating circumference to pi

    7.SS1.c determining the sum of the central angles

    7.SS1.d constructing circles with a given radius or  


     7.SS1.e solving problems involving the radii, diameters

               and circumferences of circles.

      7.SS2 Develop and apply a formula for determining    

              the area of:

              7.SS2.a triangles 

              7.SS2.b parallelograms

              7.SS2.c circles.

       7.SP3 Construct, label and interpret circle graphs to

               solve problems.

February 25
8FI Math


p. 252-255 #3-20 from 2/24/20

P.263 #1-9

p. 308 #1-10


Mental Math lesson 10 due Friday February 28th

February 25
8FI Math

​We have started Module 5 which covers percentatages, ratios and rate.

Outcomes include:

8.N3 Demonstrate an understanding of percents greater than or equal to 0%.

8.N4 Demonstrate an understanding of ratio and rate.

8.N5 Solve problems that involve rates, ratios and proportional reasoning.


Word Problems for Module 5

La pensée critique en Mathématiques 8.pptLa pensée critique en Mathématiques 8.ppt


February 24
Chem 112 quizlet for test #1
February 19
Chem 112 test - Feb 25, 2020

Test outline – Feb 25, 2020

  • Properties of matter

  • Mixtures

  • Periodic table

  • Elements and compounds

  • Symbols and formulas

  • Atomic orbitals

  • Groups in the periodic table

  • Rules for electron spin diagrams

  • Electron configurations

  • Electron spin diagrams

  • Standard atomic notation

  • Isotopes

  • Ions

  • Octet rule

February 18
Français 11/120: Paragraphe pour le 21 février

Paragraphe pour vendredi: Raconte-moi un voyage que tu aies fait

February 16
Culinary Technology 120
February 13
Chem 122 test - Feb. 25, 2020

Test outline – February 25, 2020

  • Energy transformations

  • Heat

  • Calorimetry

  • Thermochemical equations

  • Heat in changes of state

  • Total energy calculations

  • Heat of solution

February 13
10FI Science test - February 19, 2020

Test outline – Wednesday, February 19, 2020

  • Properties of Matter

  • WHMIS symbols

  • Particle Theory of Matter

  • Chemical Properties

  • Names and Formulas of Compounds

  • Inside the atom

  • Bohr Diagrams

  • Bohr – Rutherford Diagrams

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