Harvey High School

I am proud to be principal of Harvey High School. Our school is truly the centre of our community. Even though we are a small school, our staff members are dedicated professionals who eagerly engage with students to provide both academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities. Currently we have
19.1 FTE Teaching Staff, 5 Educational Assistants, 1 Administrative Assistant, 3 Custodians and 7 Bus Drivers.
Our students excel and flourish. We are fortunate to deliver a quality education program in both official languages. Although  we are a small rural school, we offer a variety of courses at the high school level and house an excellent Skilled Trades and Technology department. There are 223 students enrolled- 105 English Prime and 118 French Immersion.
Although COVID has affected what can be offered, I have outlined our many initiatives and special projects below. Sme are not possible this year.
Initiatives / Strategies:
  • Provinincial School Improvement Framework
  • Positive Behaviour Interventions and Supports School-Wide Approach
  • Daily Social Emotional Learning Time
  • Numeracy Intervention- Numeracy Intervention- Numeracy Intervention- IXL
  • Numeracy Enrichment- UNB and Brock University Caribou Mathematics CompetitionVolunteer Laubach Literacy Program
  • EAL EAL EAL  Tutor Program
  • Communication with Parents– Website, email, voice mail, monthly general and guidance newsletters, report cards, parent-teacher interviews, Parent Memos
  • Parents – School Support Committee meetings
  • Beyond the Hurt- Healthy Relationships Education Program
  • Safe Schools Week

Special Projects:

  • Harvey High School Education Foundation
  • Community Organizations and Local Business Partnerships
  • External Agency Partnerships- NBACL
  • Harvey High School Home and School Association
  • Harvey High School Education Foundation Relay
  • Christmas Mommies’ Organization
  • Harvey High Athletic Program- Cross Country, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Field, and Badminton
  • Laker Pride Student Recognition Program
  • Awards Evening Celebration (Virtual)
  • Graduation Baccalaureate, Banquet, Grand March, Prom and Ceremony
  • Yearbook
  • Harvey High Safe Grad
  • Harvey High Safe Grad Breakfasts
  • STEAM Expo
  • Harvey High Science Club
  • GSA-Gender Sexual Alliance
  • MADD Multimedia Presentation
  • Live Different Presentation
  • Terry Fox Walk
  • Take Our Kids To Work Day
  • PARTY  Program – Grade 9
  • Harvey High Annual Art Show
  • University and Community College Fair (AARAO)
  • Guest Speakers
  • Field Trips
  • UNB Math and Computer Science Competition
  • Encounters With Canada- Terry Fox Centre
  • Remembrance Day Ceremony
  • Green and Gold Extravaganza
  • Hunter Education
  • P.A.R.T.Y.
  • Home and School Committee
  • School Dances
  • Bilingual Learning Grant
  • Canadian Agriculture Partnership
  • Mental Health Presentations
  • Potato and Cheese Campaigns
  • Library Presentations and Partnerships
  • Beyond The Hurt Group