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March 13
Yearbook information
Dear Parents,
Friday, March 17 is the last day that we can accept any submissions to be included in the yearbook in terms of photos and parent messages.  I’m happy to report that we do have cap and gown portraits of all the grads presently, but we are still in need of many casual photos, baby photos and early years photos to properly complete their pages.  If these are not received by our deadline they cannot, unfortunately, be included.  Jpg files of the pictures can be emailed to Nathan.hoyt@nbed.nb.ca or copies that need to be scanned can be delivered to me at the school by students and returned when they have been scanned.
If you have any good photos of sports events and other activities through the year that you think could be used, please feel free to include those as well!
We can also still accept parent messages for the yearbook until this coming Friday.  A reminder there is a $10 fee to include a message.
If you have any questions, including if you are wondering what I have on hand for photos/messages for your grad already, please email me at Nathan.hoyt@nbed.nb.ca.
Thank you!

Nathan Hoyt
Teacher, Yearbook Advisor
Harvey High School


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