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November 25
New Calendar!

​All current games and practices have been input into our new calendar which can be viewed in weekly, monthly, or agenda format. Clicking on the item will tell you the duration and location of each event (all home events at HHS unless indicated that it is at the rec). Practices will be updated on a weekly basis as needed (a few teams have a consistent time slot).

SG = Senior Girls; SB = Senior Boys; MSGV = Middle School Girls Varsity; MSG6/7 = Middle School Girls 6/7; T1B = Tier 1 Middle School Boys; T2B = Tier 2 Middle School Boys; MGT = Mini Girls Travel Team; MGL = Mini Girls Local Team; MBT = Mini Boys Travel Team; MBL = Mini Boys Local Team

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November 25
Updated Sports Schedules as of November 25th
November 25
SB Woodstock Tournament
November 24
SG St. Stephen Tournament Schedule
November 24
MSG Varsity Hartland Tournament Schedule
November 24
MSG Varsity Woodstock Tournament Schedule
November 24
SB MIBT Schedule
November 17
Schedule Week of November 21-27

Schedule Week of November 21-27

Monday, November 21st

3:15-4:45 SG Practice

5:00 MSB Tier 1 at Bliss Carman

6:30-8:00 SB Practice


Tuesday, November 22nd

3:00-0-5:00 SB Practice

5:00-6:30 MSG Varsity Practice

6:00 SG at Woodstock

6:30 MSB Tier 2 Practice

7:30 SB at Woodstock


Wednesday, November 23rd

3:00-4:30 MSB Tier 1 Practice

5:00-6:30 MSG Practice for Varsity and 6/7

6:30-8:00 SB Practice


Thursday, November 24th

3:15-4:45 SG Practice

5:00-6:30 Mini Girls Local Team Practice

5:30 MSG Varsity at FCA (at Devon Park Church)

6:30-8:00 Mini Boys Travel Team Practice


Friday, November 25th

3:30-5:00 MSG Varsity Practice

SG at Valhalla Tournament in Perth


Saturday, November 26th

10:30-12:00 Mini Boys Local Team Practice

SG at Valhalla Tournament in Perth



November 16
Middle School Basketball Schedules as of November 16th
November 15
Senior Girls St. Stephen Tournament Schedule
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 Athletics Documents

6-7 Girls Basketball Schedule.docx
Tier 2 Boys Schedule.docx
Tier 1 Basketball Boys Schedule.docx
Varsity MS Girls Schedule.docx
Senior Basketball Schedule.docx
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