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January 31
Character Strong- Honesty

This month we’re talking about Honesty! definition we are using at school is: living truthfully in your words and actions and thoughts!

Honesty is a lot more than just telling the truth – it is also about thinking and acting in a way that feels consistent, kind, and sincere. What do we do with honest thoughts that aren’t very nice? How do our actions in Honesty help or hurt our relationships. We need to be honest with both our actions and our words. We wil discover new games and techniques to make us more honest competitors and more thoughtful friends. It will be a time of challenging, but rewarding conversations!

Conversation starters:

Ø Sometimes, people cheat or do no not play by the rules when they are playing a game. How do you think they feel if they win the game by cheating? Do you think it is better to cheat and win or be honest and lose?

Ø Share a time when someone was dishonest with you. What happened? How did that impact your relationship with the other person?

Ø How important is it to you that your friends are honest? When your friends are dishonest with you, how does it make you feel? What should you do about it?


Ø When is it most difficult for you to tell the truth? Have you ever felt like I’ve lied to you? How did that make you feel?


Watch and discuss the classic story THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF, READ ALOUD BY MS. CECE - YouTube of  together as a family. Or, retell the story in your own words! Then, when you feel tempted to not tell the truth, ask yourself, “Am I crying wolf?” and, if so, what’s a more honest choice for me to make right now?

For Your Reading

The Honest Child: How To Teach Honesty by Mary VanClay
12 Tips For Raising Truthful Kids by Charity Ferriera
Turning Lies Into Lemonade: How to Encourage Honesty by Jessica Graham


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