Early Learning and Child Care Facility Application Process

Congratulations on deciding to enter the exciting and fulfilling world of early learning and childcare.  Operating an Early Learning and Child Care facility is an excellent opportunity to establish a business which will allow you to follow your passion for caring for young children and help children to achieve their full potential.  
The following steps will guide you through the process of applying to operate an Early Learning and Child Care facility.  On average this process takes about 15 weeks to provide the appropriate documentation, have the necessary inspections and meet with the Early Childhood Services Coordinator who will determine that your facility meets the standards for operation.  A permit will be issued when all of the requirements have been met and you will be given approval to begin operation.  These standards are based on the Regulations of the Family Services Act which are in place to provide safe environments which also are focused on the learning and developmental needs of young children.  It is important that you read all of the documents carefully and complete all of the forms and plans fully.  The Early Childhood Services Coordinator assigned to your application will assist you but incomplete documents and plans will slow down the process.
Please follow the steps below.  One of our Early Childhood Services Coordinators we will contact you when your application and the required documents have been received. 
We look forward to working with you.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

You will need to read the following documents very carefully as they pertain to the regulations and standards for Early Learning and Child Care facilities. Knowledge of this information is necessary for completion of the application form and supporting documents for approval.
Child Daycare Operator Standards
Regulations 83-85 of the Family Services Act

The following forms and documents must be fully completed in order for the application to be processed. Please note that there are different forms and requirements for Daycare Centres and Community Daycare Homes

1. Application for Daycare Approval
2. Application for Community Daycare Home Approval Operators of Community Daycare Homes care for a smaller number of children in their own home. Requirements are different from Daycare Centres. Please note the documents which must be submitted with this application. If a well provides water to the home a well water test must be submitted.
3. Criminal Records Check Consent Form To be taken to local police detachment to obtain record.
4. Social Development Records Check. Complete and send to the address on the form.
5. Staff Medical Form. Have doctor complete this form.
6. Daycare Plan Review-Technical Inspection Services for Department of Public Safety. This must include a scaled or fully dimensioned plan of EACH level of the building and two colour photos of the building exterior. Please note directions and include three copies of the floor plan with your application. This form is not required for those applying for Community Daycare Homes.
7. Daycare Plan Review- Public Health. This form is not required for those applying for Community Daycare Homes.
8. Zoning Approval for Operating an Early Learning and Child Care facility. Contact your local municipality to obtain a letter indicating that the area in which you plan on operating your facility is properly zoned for this activity

Please send the completed approval form and all required documentation to the following address:

Attention Anna Marie Hayes
Anglophone West School District 
Early Childhood Services
1135 Prospect Street
Fredericton, N.B.
E3B 3B9

Should you need to contact someone concerning the application process please call Anna Marie Hayes at ###-#### or you may use the “Contact Us” section of this website to email or call an Early Childhood Services Coordinator should you have already been in contact been with one of them.
Approval Fee will be collected by your ECS Coordinator at your first visit.

Fee Schedule
Approval and Renewal for Child Day Care Facilities
Effective Fee - April 1, 2014
Day Care Facilities - 6 - 25 spaces
Day Care Facilities - 26 - 60 spaces
Day Care Facilities - 6 - 25 spaces
Day Care Facilities - 26 - 60 spaces
Day Care Facilities - 60 children and more

Once you have submitted your application and documentation and are awaiting inspections and site visits you should be gathering and developing important documents needed before approval:
Parent Handbook (See Appendix 12.2.2 of Operator Standards)
Staff Handbook (See Appendix 12.2.3 of Operator Standards)
Menus (Standard 6.7)
Confirmation of Insurance Coverage
You need to review the Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework Document and The Child Victims of Abuse and Neglect Protocols.

You will be contacted by Early Childhood Care and Education New Brunswick (ECCENB) Curriculum Advisors to discuss participation in the Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum training. This is a 30 hour mandatory training program for staff working in Early Learning and Child Care facilities.