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April 07
Science Gr 3-4

Grade 3 & 4 Science- Ms. Harrison

Learning Activities:  Spring has arrived, and you will be seeing several birds returning to your backyards.  Your challenge this week is to try to identify the birds you observe and record the type of bird as well as one interesting fact you learn from the Backyard Birding Guide.

You can use this guide as a tool for bird identification during your exploration.  The guide will provide a description, call/sound each bird makes, and its preferred habitat (place to live).  On the last page of the guide, you will find a checklist for other common New Brunswick birds.  Check off or record all the birds you observe this week!

Open this link to access the Backyard Birding Guide.



Trivia:   Which bird was proclaimed New Brunswick’s provincial bird in 1983?

Which birds do not migrate (move from one habitat to another according to seasons) from New Brunswick?

Extension Activity:  Create a bird feeder with items from around your home and take a picture and post it on our Donald Fraser Facebook page.


Amazon.com: Backyard Birds of New Brunswick, Canada Field Guide ... 



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