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November 20
Featured News for Special Events

featured news.png
There may be cases where the news is so important that it should be placed on top of the entire page and will remain there until the item is actually deleted.  In these cases the "Featured News for Special Events" category needs to be selected.  This should be used sparingly.

November 20
Sample School News

Welcome to the news school website.
This is where you can place school news.
Any news you place on the homepage will look better if you place a small (copyright-free) imag​e and avoid too much text.  If there is indeed a lot of text to be included, it may be worthwhile to add as an attachment.
Always remember to select the appropriate category.
School news will appear in center column.
"Featured News for Special Events" will appear above all others and will take the full width of the page so it may look best to have a wide yet "short" post for featured news.

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