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January 17

Please be sure to check out our documents section of our webpage as we have placed some annoucements there for your viewing. Have a great day!​

January 11
French Immersion Link
January 11
French Immersion Registration 2019-2020

Registration for French Immersion for the 2019-2020 school year will be done electronically through the following hyperlink to the ASD-W web site:  Registration for French Immersion 2019-2020.  (The registration form will be available effective January 15, 2019 and will remain open to the end of the school year (June 2019), with scheduled monitoring.)  Registrations received by February 28, 2019, will inform planning for formation of classes (as per Provincial Policy 309:  French Second Language Programs).

Please be advised that the following information is available on the ASD-W web site www.asd-w.nbed.nb.ca:

  • Schedule of ASD-W Presentations to Parents – French Second Language Programs
  • French Immersion Registration – Grade 1 and Grade 6 Entry – Link to electronic registration form Registration for French Immersion 2019-2020 (available effective January 15, 2019)

Instructions for parents who do not have access to a computer are included on the attached ‘Process’ document.

As part of this email we have attached, for school administrators, the Registration Process for the Grade 1 and Grade 6 Entry Programs.

Please note that if any of the above mentioned links do not work, they can also be found on the asd website listed above.

Thank you from Royal Road Staff

December 17
Friendly Reminders

Good Afternoon Royal Road Families,

Tomorrow is team T-Shirt day! Please wear your t-shirt if you have it at home.

During the school day, there is no drop off or pick up in front of the school. Please use the appropriate parking spot at the bottom of the driveway.

The last day of school is a full day for students. First Day back after the holidays is Tuesday, January 8th.

Thank you from the Royal Road Staff.

December 06
Rise and Shine

​The last day for Rise and Shine was Monday, December 3rd.  Rise and Shine will be up and running again on Monday January 11th.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in the New Year.

December 05
December Reminders

​A few reminders for our Royal Road Families.

Christmas Concert is on Tuesday, December 11th at 9:00 and 11:00 am .  The 11:00 concert is a repeat of the 9:00 concert.

Christmas Dinner will be served on Thursday, December 13th for students who have previously purchased tickets.  The only item on the menu on this day is the Christmas Dinner.

The last day for cafeteria service is Friday, December 14th.

The last day of school is Friday, December 21st.  This is a full day for all students.

Wishing all of our families a wonderful holiday season. 



December 05
Message for Parents on Policy 711

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Today the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development announced revisions to Policy 711: Healthier School Food Environment.

These changes provide flexibility and empower local school communities to make informed decisions about the health and well-being of their students.

As part of these new standards, chocolate milk and 100 per cent fruit juice will be permitted to be sold in public schools.  

There will also be some flexibility for schools providing breakfast programs to students who need a better start to their school day.

For fundraising and special events, schools will be empowered to organize activities and occasions that respond to the needs of the local school community.

In-school celebrations, holidays, and special occasions will be permitted, although timing of these events must be reasonable and undertaken in moderation.

The overall main goal of the policy will continue to be to promote and make available healthy foods and beverages at school whenever and wherever possible.


December 05
Christmas Baskets - Home & School Fundraiser
November 30
Student Christmas Dinner

This is a friendly reminder that the last day to purchase tickets for the Student Christmas dinner in This is a friendly reminder that the last day to purchase tickets for the Student Christmas dinner in Tuesday, December 4th. In order for the cafeteria to prepare enough meals, we are not able to extend the deadline.

Thank you for your cooperation.

November 28
Home and school Basket

Please see our Home and School tab under quick links for our latest Christmas Basket letter.​

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