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October 07
Apple Fundraising

Apple Fundraiser in collaboration with Gilbert Farm in Burton. We will be selling a 5lb bag of MacIntosh apples for $5.00. Proceeds will support of the purchase of a Gaga Ball Pit and new Flag Poles for the front of our school and/or other educational purposes. Last day for orders is Tuesday, October 12th at 6pm.

Apples will be delivered to the school and we will organize the pickup of the apples once they are in.
Thank you for supporting our school!

If you have any questions please reach out to Wendy Carlisle at wendy.carlisle@nbed.nb.ca  

Please make your purchase through SchoolCashOnline: https://anglophonewest.schoolcashonline.com/Fee/Details/29336/176/False/True​
October 07
PowerSchool Public Portal Information
October 07
Parent Portal Support

Parents who have been struggling with the creation of their public portal accounts, have been contacting schools for help.  In order to help schools and parents,  I have attached a help document and included a Youtube link that covers the creation of public portal accounts.


As always, if you have any questions you can always contact me.





Marc Michaud

ASD-W Power School Lead

Digital Learning Team​

September 30
​Online Learning Resources

During times when we may need to quickly move to online learning, we can feel a bit overwhelmed and unprepared. To help prepare families to move online should we need to please refer to the link Helpful Online Resources​ produced by ASD_W to support you.

Information on using Teams, how to speak in a chat while online for class, and how to access various learning resources from home is helpful information to know to prepare for the best online learning experience.​

September 30
Parent Portal

This is a gentle reminder to parents/guardians that to gain access to your child’s information online you will need to sign and return the sheet on the back of this document Public Portal - Policy 311 Sign Off for Parents (nbed.nb.ca) - (a paper copy was sent home). Please have it returned to the school as soon as possible. Once returned, the school will provide your child with the Student Access ID and password letter. When you have this letter in hand, please consult the support document and video tutorial links to help you setup and finalize your account. We encourage all families to get logged into the Parent Portal ASAP. ​

September 27
School Photos

​School photo money needs to be returned to the school, by October 7th.                          RETAKES are Tuesday October 26th

September 13
Chartwells Lunch Ordering

Please see the updated link for ordering lunch at RMS.


September 07
Cafeteria Menu

​Check under quick links/cafeteria to take a look at our cafeteria menu.  Cafeteria service will be available Monday September 13th.

August 31
Making Middle School Easier

Good afternoon RMS Families!

As we begin to prepare for a new school year many families are weaning off summer days of a very relaxed schedule and setting new routines to start back to school. As a staff, we  would like to share some tips to set your child/ren and family up for success. These tips are solely recommendations not expectations.

  • Practice packing a lunch and snacks with your child/ren. Get your child/ren into a routine of packing their own lunch.
  • Ensure your child/ren always bring a reusable water bottle to fill up at our water refill stations.
  • Practice opening a three digit locker combination lock.
  • Ensure your child/ren know their bus number to and from school.
  • Ensure your child/ren know their phone number and the phone numbers of important contacts. Ensure your child/ren knows their address. If you are recent move to the area writing this information down and putting it in a safe spot in their personal belongings will prove to be helpful.
  • Investing in a locker shelf is very helpful for organizational purposes.
  • Have all the supplies outlined on the grade level/program specific supply lists (refer to our RMS website).
  • Get into a good sleep routine.
  • Create healthy eating habits.
  • Ensure time for physical exercise.
  • Encourage daily reading.
  • Set up a workspace for your child/ren to complete school work at home.
  • Make conversations with your child/ren about their learning and social life a habit.
  • Check in with your child and their teachers to build relationships and make connections.
  • Allow your child to grow and gain independence by holding them accountable.
  • Encourage your child/ren to get involved.
  • Set up a family calendar or encourage your child to use a personal organizer/calendar to stay on top of things.

We look forward to a great startup at RMS!

RMS Staff​

August 31
RMS Bell Schedule

RMS Daily Schedule – 2021-2022

Rise and Shine (Open Gym)

Breakfast/Social Club (HLR)

Library Club (Library)




Homeroom: Attendance

8:30am – O’Canada/Ridgeview Roars


Period 1


Period 2


Nutrition Break in Homeroom/Announcements/Prepare for classes


Period 3


Period 4



12:10-12:30pm Grade 6 and ALL FI Classes EAT/Grade 7 and 8 Prime Activity Time


Grade 7 and 8 Prime Eat/Grade 6 and ALL FI Classes Activity Time

12:50 (BELL)

Period 5


Period 6

End of Day Announcements


Dismissal – Students go to their lockers and prepare for dismissal.  Students who walk or get picked up are dismissed.

Bus students wait in their homeroom for their bus to be called.

2:35pm (BELL)

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