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June 04
Kallia doing 2-digit addition with base ten blocks

Kallia math 1.jpgKallia math 2.jpg

Kallia math 3.jpgKallia math 4.jpg

June 02
Kids at work and play

Kallia Reading.jpg


Sienna and friends.jpg


June 02
May 21
Favorite Animals



MIchael P. Cats.jpgMIchael P. Cats.jpg


Linconl_ Dog.pdfLinconl_ Dog.pdf


Sienna went Critter Dipping and caught some tadpoles!

Sienna critter dipping 2.jpg
Sienna critter.jpg
Sienna Tadpoles3.jpg

May 19
Homework May 19-22

good week.png

HOMEWORK May 19-22.docHOMEWORK May 19-22.doc

Addition for Subtraction to 10 Flashcards.docAddition for Subtraction to 10 Flashcards.doc

Counting on_hundred chart.jpgCounting on_hundred chart.jpg

May Math Challenge_2020.docMay Math Challenge_2020.doc

PE Week Six - May 18.pdfPE Week Six - May 18.pdf

Music Grade Two Week Six.docxMusic Grade Two Week Six.docx

Here's a fun game to play to challenge your number sense. You have to try to find the bones by clicking on the correct spot on the empty Hundred Chart. The number you have to find is on the right hand side underneath the dog holding the bone. Good Luck!

Give the dog a bone

May 13
Superhero Stories
May 12
Home Activities:


 Linconl May Math 1.jpg

balloon game.jpg


May 11
Homework May 11-15

Me reading bitmoji.png

Here is the homework for May 11-15. I have added more Spring stories that have been sent to me. Scroll down to see them under title: Spring Stories.

Homework May 11-15.docHomework May 11-15.doc
Subtraction Strategies 2D.docSubtraction Strategies 2D.doc

Joker counting on flashcards student.docJoker counting on flashcards student.doc



Physical Education Week of May 11 PSS.pdfPhysical Education Week of May 11 PSS.pdf

Grade Two Week Five (2).docxGrade Two Week Five (2).docx

May 09
Subtraction Fact Practice
May 04
Homework May 4th - 8th
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