Welcome to Priestman Street Elementary School. Our school is located in the uptown center of Fredericton with a student population of 272.  We have a rich multicultural population creating a very diverse student body.  We have approximately 19 countries and at least 27 languages represented at the school.

Our school mission and focus include “challenging all students in a safe, supportive and rigorous learning environment that celebrates achievement and values the whole child. We are committed to helping each student become confident and creative builders of their future so they will reach their full potential and live as successful citizens in a diverse and ever-changing world”.

I am proud to work in a school community that provides students with a focus in engaged learning.  I am confident that together our staff, families, and our school community, we can work together to ensure that all the students have engaging educational opportunities in a safe and supportive environment.  I look forward to a wonderful year of learning.

Mr. Anderson