Priestman Street School has been steadily growing over the last few years.  We now have a population of approximately 540 students!  The majority of our students reside in the Hanwell area, as well as in the houses and apartments surrounding the school.  Priestman also has a growing multicultural population creating a very diverse student body.  We have approximately 19 countries and at least 21 languages represented at the school.     
Priestman students show strong leadership skills and high levels of student involvement in school clubs and activities.  The staff is committed to providing our students with many opportunities and experiences, so the noon hours are busy with drama, choir, intramural sports; leadership programs such as Peer and K-2 Helpers, Hot Lunch and the Moo Crew; Girls’ Club; Video Announcers, Student Leadership and Green Team Recyclers.  Students also volunteer on a regular basis to create their own clubs for our younger students, as well as raise money for various charities. 
I have just completed my fourth year as principal of Priestman, and I am very pleased to be working in my hometown of Fredericton.  Although I attended Charlotte Street School as an elementary student, my first teaching experience was at Priestman as a student intern many years ago.  It seems I have come full circle!
Ms. Mary Evans