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May 11
MATH - Ouellette

​Tomorrow, students will be writing the summative test on outcome N7 - Multiply and divide positive and negative integers.  Here are the practice questions students received and worked on in class today.

P.93 15.PNGP.93 15.PNG

P.93 17.PNGP.93 17.PNG

P.97 1,2,3,4.PNGP.97 1,2,3,4.PNG

P.97 5,6.PNGP.97 5,6.PNG

P.97 9,10.PNGP.97 9,10.PNG

P.97 12.PNGP.97 12.PNG

P.98 13,14,15.PNGP.98 13,14,15.PNG

P.98 19,20.PNGP.98 19,20.PNG

P.98 21,22,23.PNGP.98 21,22,23.PNG

P.99 1,2.PNGP.99 1,2.PNG

Have a great day.

Mr. Ouellette


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