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May 10
MATH - Ouellette

We started today's class with correcting the 8 review questions that were assigned last Thursday. Students then had the rest of the period to work on the practice questions from last week. I also added a few more questions below. 

P.83 8,9,10.PNGP.83 8,9,10.PNG

P.83 11.PNGP.83 11.PNGP.87 4,5.PNGP.87 4,5.PNG

P.87 7.PNGP.87 7.PNG

P.88 8,9,10.PNGP.88 8,9,10.PNG

P.88 15.PNGP.88 15.PNG

P.89 18,19.PNGP.89 18,19.PNG

P.92 3,4.PNGP.92 3,4.PNG

P.92 7,8.PNGP.92 7,8.PNG

P.92 9,10.PNGP.92 9,10.PNG

The summative test on outcome N7: Multiply and dividing positive and negative integers is scheduled for Wednesday. 

Have a great day. 

Mr. Ouellette


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