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September 30
Whalen-FILA/Personal Wellness

FILA -Students are to find one example of each of the five photo techniques:

Gros plan(close up)

Plan d'ensemble( from a distance)

Eclairage en contre-jour(light behind the subject to create a silhouette)

Plan en plongée (camera pointing down)

Plan en contre- plongée(camera pointing up)

Examples may be photos they already have, printed images from internet or hand drawn. They have a mock template that they created in class.

 This assignment is simply meant to be a reference for students to use when they do part two. That is, In the next week students will be able to take their own photos using school iPads . I will also be giving them a written explanation of the five techniques on Thursday.I asked them to bring it in anytime between now and Friday so I can make sure they are on the right track before giving them the laptops. They can then use it as a quick reference when snapping pictures. Students  will be in small groups for this next part. Part one is formative and part two will count( summative)

7C Personal Wellness

Please make sure all work sheets to date are completed the forth sheet" in pursuit of happiness " will be given out tomorrow.


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