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March 17
During school closure

Below you will see a list of ideas and website links that your child might wish to use during the school closure to keep their skills sharp J Please note that there is no expectation of your child to do any of these activities – this is simply a means of providing resources and activities should your family choose to use them. Stay healthy and hopeful!


· You will see a list of books on the website link below that start with “Level aa”. Please feel free to start your child off with some of those books to see what they can read independently. When they can read a level with ease (and understand what they’ve read and be able to tell you what the story is about), they can try the next level up. https://www.readinga-z.com/worldlanguages/french/leveled-books/

· Read the French wording on the cereal or other boxed/packaged food items in your home.

· Watch movies in French or watch favourite English movies with the French subtitles option on and the volume off.

SPEAKING AND LISTENING OPTIONS · Listen to French radio stations CJPN 90.5 FM (https://cjpn-chqc-ckma.com/en/cjpn/)

· Practice familiar words and remember the grammar rules we’ve learned this year (silent “s” at the end… two “L’s” together make the “ye” sound, etc…)

· Practice: days of the week; numbers to 100; months of the year; the date; common phrases like “Je m’appelle ____” 

· Teach a younger sibling or a family member how to speak the French you already know! · Online Language Learning site – Duolingo : https://www.duolingo.com/course/fr/en/Lear​n-French


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