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March 17
While we're home

​Good afternoon chères familles,

I hope everyone is staying healty and hopeful. I have received communication from our superintendent that, for the time being, we are not to assign work to be completed at home.  When we were last together on Friday, I showed the students this page and gave them hard copies of the project sheets in order to be prepared either way.  Following the directives, please know that this project is currently optional and should not be a source of further stress.  However, if it is an interesting and welcome distraction and continuation of learning, please feel free to go ahead with it.  I will gladly answer your questions via email (kendra.vanleeuwen@nbed.nb.ca), and will evaluate them, if you'd like.  

Under the links tab of this page there are also links to websites with games and videos to continue learning of Canadian history and politics.  Radio-Canada and CBC Gem also have some great programs, including Canada: The Story of Us which we started in class. 

Take care.


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