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March 11
Heritage Fair projects

​Good afternoon

For the month of March, all of my Sciences humaines classes will be working on heritage projects. These projects will be presented in class the week of March 30th and a selection from each class will be invited to participate in the school Heritage Fair on April 9th.  This event will be judged and winners will be invited to the district Heritage Fair.  

With the exception of those who are absent for an extended period, all project work will be completed in class.  However, I strongly encourage you to discuss the project with the students and they may bring in photos or material for the final project and presentation.  

Students have the choice to work individually or in small groups.  Those working in groups are required to sign a contract and will be evaluated on their collaboration skills. There is absolutely no expectation that groups get together at home. 

This week's focus is on helping students choose a topic of genuine interest.  It must be Canadian and we love topics that are personally linked to the students' interests and/or family heritage.  (This is a good spot to get some ideas of the variet of topics that make up Canadian heritage: https://www.historicacanada.ca/minutesdupatrimoine​They must then create an interesting inquiry based question. This should not be a question that Siri can answer but rather one that will take critical thought and can have several correct answers.  For example:" Was John A MacDonald a good Prime Minister?" or "What influence has Willie O'Ree had on the NHL?" rather than "Who was the first Canadian Prime Minister?" or "How many goals did Willie O'Ree score during his NHL career?" You could support the students in creating one of these questions for which they are genuinely curious to find the answer.

The next step will be researching.  In doing so, we will review the idea of reliable sources.  

Once the research is complete, the students will be deciding how they will present what they have learned, including the answer they have formed.  Creativity is encouraged!

Pertinent documents can be found on this page in the the "Documents" tab. 


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