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March 09
Math 7ABD

​Welcome back everyone!

Here is the plan for this week:

Monday and Tuesday will be used for reviewing what we were working on before the march break. (Decimals, fractions and percents as well as changing from one form to another. Also how to find the percent of a given number. 

Wednesday- 7A and B will have their assessment on these concepts.
7D- Class missed due to school assembly. 

Thrusday- 7D will have their assessment on the concepts. 

7A and B will begin adding fractions with like denominators. (7D will begin on Friday with this.)

Homework assignments will be handed back tomorrow to all students who completed them. If your student has not completed them, please have them come to me for a copy. 
This Homework assignment was to have been completed in class before the March break.

Thank you!
Mrs. Collins


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