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February 24
Math 7ABD

Good morning,

This week is filled with lots of fun events for our school. Due to this math classes may be missed. For math classes this week all students have been given a homework that will be worked on in class and passed in by the end of Thursday’s class. (Friday’s for 7D). This assignment is part of their report card mark for this strand.

This homework assignment is only on things we have covered since beginning the outcomes N3,4 and 7.

Every student is capable of completing this assignment and doing well on it by referring to their notes, the math text book and discussing with their friends.

I am collecting and keeping the assignment in the classroom to ensure no one misplaces it and has to restart.

If your child will not be here for the full week please contact me so I know to adjust their time to work on this. (They may have to work on this at home.)


Thank you for your support!​


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