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February 03

Students are practicing the verb Aller in present tense this week  They should continue to perfect avoir/etre,  They should not forget avoir and etre that we have already solidfied.  

Most students have finished their plan and are writing their first paragraph for their speech.  If there is a lot of research for their project, they will need to do most of it at home.  They will have a good deal of time this week to write and part of next week.  I would like their speech written (rough copy( for Feb 14. (next Friday)  Those who are ready at month's end will present and the remaider will present after the break.  Speeches are 2-4 minutes long.  This is a guide to help them with writing their speech.




1.   Se faire un plan=


√   Une idée principale + 2 à 4 idées secondaires


√   Des arguments, citations, des faits ou descriptions

     pour chaque idée secondaire


2.   Rédiger le discours=


√   L’introduction


√   Le corps


√   La conclusion




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