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January 27
Upcoming quiz

​Good afternoon,

Since coming back after Christmas vacation, the students have learned a lot about economic systems and the importance of natural resources in the development of Canada's economic system.  We have analysed maps and compared the economies of our Indigenous peoples with those of the first European settlers.  We used the first two episodes of CBC's Canada:The Story of Us to understand many of these concepts, and we applied them in our Civic Mirror hex auction.  It's time to verify the students' understanding.  Depending on the class schedules this week and how our in class revision goes, they will write a quiz Monday or Tuesday of next week.  They have 3 pages of notes that I prepared and they completed in class.

This week, we will also be preparing for our Civic Mirror parliamentary event during which each nation's elected parliament of 7 MPs will be debating and voting on the nations first laws.  


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