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October 07
Grade 6 LAnguage Arts    6A,C,F

We have been working on our Hambuger Paragraph (WEB/Brainstorming) the last week.

             Writing Process:

  • Brainstorm-Use a Web
  • Rough Draft
  • Conference/Collaborate/Share
  • EDIT
  • TAG
  • ​Final Copy 
​Today, if you did not finish copying your rough draft into NMS Writers Code this is for homework. You should come to school Tuesday, October 8 with your rough draft complete and ready to Conference with. 

6G has been invited to participate in a special project: In My Day: Sharing Stories From Fredericton and Beyond in Partnership with York Care Community Center and Fredericton Library Nashwaaksis.
Students will be writing letters with the seniors sharing important memories or experiences that have made a impact in their lives. This project hopes to create an enriched inter-generational learning opportunity  through sharing our experiences and stories. Students will get an opportunity to meet with the community members in November. 
6G Will continue the writing process through Letter Writing. 


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