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April 08
Week 2 (Poetry Month)

Figurative Language-Wrap Up & Introduction to Poetry

Monday- 6 E,F,GWatch Disney Clips (found on the powerpoint-last page) and fill out the green sheet identifying the Figurative Language in the Disney Clips and placing them in the correct catagory heading.-HOMEWORK

Figurative Language.pptxFigurative Language.pptx

6A+6B Gramma's Garden Handout: Read the handout and highlight or underline all examples of Figurative Langauge (refer to your notes)-HOMEWORK

Tuesday- 6 E,F,G Identifying Figurative Language in Children's Books Activity. (Group Work)

6A-Gramma's Garden (Homework Check) and completion of Gramma's Garden Puzzle Activity (Group Work)

Wednesday- Introduction to Poetry POetry.pptxPOetry.pptx    6 A,B,E,F,G

Thursday- Intorduction of Blackout Poetry and examples. Bring in materials to create your own. Newspapers, photocopy of a text, recipe, magazines, etc.

Friday-Create your own Blackout Poetry -Rubric included when handing in. (See Mrs. Perez for a rubric)


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