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January 29
Memoir Rubric

Language Arts- January Writers Workshop


Success Criteria:






Memorable Moment

The memoir focuses on a single moment that seems significant to the Writer’s life.

Writer does not show a focus on a single event and/or significant to the writer’s life.

Ideas and Content and Organization (Write-Traits)

Structure- PLOT, Ideas in order, makes logical sense

Thoughts were not organized in logical order. Moment was not thoroughly explored.

Conventions: (Write-Traits)

Format-Nashwaaksis Middle Writing Code

Student has proper formatting as per NMS Writing Code.

Student followed some of the NMS Writing Code Format.



Student has conferred with Mrs. Perez and TAG with 2 students.

Students did not participate in Editing and/or Conferring in the Writing Process.



I used correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization.

In the editing process, proper spelling, punctuation and capitalization was missed and or not corrected.


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