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January 14
Lesson -Mark it Up!

4 Ways to actively read informational text:

1.     Use a post-it- write answers to questions, important details, main idea, questions down on your post-it as you are reading.

2.     Highlight-main idea and important details to support answers or questions you have or the main idea.

3.     Write in the Margins-Write questions, comments or important details in the margins. Showing you are actively reading.

4.     Underline-Important details like names, dates, purpose of text, or any key terms.

Step 1: Read (1 time)

Step 2: Read again this time using one of the strategies


Read your article given by Mrs. Perez. The second time you read practice one of the strategies. Ex. Highlighting the answers to the questions that were asked of you.


1.     What are the 3 conditions needed to develop a thunderstorm?

2.     What is a tornado?

3.     What is a blizzard?

4.     What are the wind speeds of a hurricane?

5.     What does FEMA stand for?

Only the answers or details to answer the questions should be highlighted.​ 


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