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December 04

Hello families of students in 6A, 6B and 6C!  As your child's French teacher, I am excited to announce that we have started our next unit of "Robots", and the students seem excited as well!  Over the coming weeks (likely leading into the New Year), we will be learning about robots as well as actually creating robots and a "sales advertisement" (we aren't really selling them!!) to accompany their creation.  This is not a homework assignment ! Students will be given ample time  to create their robot in class, which will also allow us the chance to learn and practice the french terminology of this unit.  To be clear, this is an in-class assignment.

If you wish to help, please feel free to ask your child the following questions:  Did you choose to work alone or with a partner?  If you chose a partner, who is it and do you work well together/can you stay focused together?  What materials will you need to create your robot?  What unpleasant or necessary tasks will your robot be able to "do" for humans?  (this does not have to be factual... they can pretend that their robot can do their homework, make their bed, walk the dog, scoop the litter, do the dishes, etc.....) 

I have been collecting cardboard boxes and washing recyclable containers for the past few months in preparation for this project with my ~90 students who will take part however, if you can spare any duct tape, masking tape, buttons, pipe cleaners, glue gun sticks (for mini glue guns), any of it would be appreciated :)  Anything you have around the house that you no longer need which you think will help your child build their ideal robot is helpful!  

Please let me know if you have any questions!  Thank you for your support!

Mme Farrell


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