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March 19
PDCP 9 (Bray)

Students have not completed some assignments (the list is in the classroom) ; here are those assignments:

​1) Career Poster (Draw a poster of the career on regular white letter paper that is your best match with the name of the career on the poster, according to the on-line career surveys that we completed in class).

2) MADD Pact (see my teacher page from FEb 1for the format for this assignment)

In PDCP, we have been having discussions regarding MADD's presentation against driving while impaired and passesngers developing strategies to prepare themselves for a situation where there may be a driver who is impaired. Here is a PACT, part of the MADD program, that aims to have students take proactive measures to keep themselves and other loved ones safe in a situation where there may be an impaired driver.
Here is the pact that students developed. Part of our class was to have students complete this pact.
I _________ )your name) of NMS in Fredericton, New Brunswick, on _________ (date) have pledged to have a pact to NEVER be a passenger in a vehicle with an impaired driver. I also will make every attempt to keep the driver and other passengers safe by doing the following actions:
(students list actions that will empower them to have success in accomplishing their PACT goal.for example, call home, take a cab, etc.) 
(Students sign it)


3) Anti-bullying survey (this was completed in class; the form for this is below this message).

Anti bullying survey.docxAnti bullying survey.docx


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