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February 22
WHALEN------7E, 7G, 6/7H    FILA,SC.HUM. and PDCP


If you have yet to bring in a picture from the past, please do so. Prepare what you would like to say using the IMPARFAIT.


Speech update:

Students have worked very hard on these speeches and are now in the memorizing stage. Remember prepare, prepare, prepare. Speeches are 2-4 minutes. You need to make eye contact with your audience, speak clearly, and with a good speed.

Because we have missed a number of days ,I have extended the presentation period to the week after the March break. I like to avoid having the students stress over this during the break but I think it is only fair to give them extra time. However, those who would like to present the week of Feb 26th as planned, I will be ready to hear them.


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