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October 31
Throwing and Catching

All students are being taught the fundamentals of proper throwing and catching techniques. When practicing with your children at home ask them to show you ​the following...

Kindergarten to Grade 2 - Underhand Throw

  • Belly button to target
  • Opposite foot forward
  • Tick Tock (straight arm swing)
  • Hold your target in the palm of your hand!

Kindergarten to Grade 2 - Catching

  • Above the waist - Butterfly **Thumbs together
  • Below the waist - Basket **Pinky fingers together

Grade 2 to Grade 5 - Overhand Throw

  • Shoulder to Target
  • Opposite Foot forward
  • Bow and Arrow (elbow up)
  • Tree in the Wind! (whip your arm through)


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