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November 21
Ferris Street Park Trip Rescheduled For Wednesday, Nov. 29th
The Grades 2-5 Outdoor Club Trip to the Ferris Street Park is confirmed for Wednesday, Nov. 29th.  A permission form, outlining the itinerary and some other important details, was sent home with club members today.  It has also been attached here.   This new form replaces all earlier ones and must be returned to Mr. Smith no later than this Thursday (Nov. 23rd).  No late or previously dated forms will be accepted.
Montgomery Street School
Grade 2-5 Outdoor Club Ferris Park Outing Confirmed
                                                                                                  November 21, 2017
Dear Parent:
We received notice from the district bus garage that the trip to the Ferris Street Park, tentatively rescheduled last week for Wednesday, November 29th, can proceed.  It is being hosted by the Nature Trust of N.B.  As before, we will eat lunch at school and travel to the park by school bus.  You are responsible for arranging transportation home for your child from the Ferris Street Park at 2:00PM; the planned program will begin at 1PM and last 60-75 minutes.  The goal for the outing is to have the children become more appreciative and protective of nature before we begin the other activities planned for this school year.  We will hike along the park’s trails, learn how to identify trees, do tree bores to determine the ages of trees, and play 'stewardship' and 'species at risk' games.
Because the Nature Trust of N.B structures their program according to the number of children attending, and to avoid confusion at school and home, this form must be signed and returned to me by this Thursday (Nov. 23rd).   No late or previously dated forms will be accepted.
If you can help supervise this outing, please let me know.  Children often model their parents’ example when they become adults.  Seeing you enjoying physical activity in the great outdoors would be a wonderful gift from you to your child.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at school (453-5433).
                                                                                                            Curry Smith
_____________________________ has my permission to take part in the outing to the Ferris Street Park.  It is from 1-2PM on Nov. 29th (Dec, 6th rain date).  I understand that he/she is travelling to the park by bus and that I am responsible for his/her transportation home from the Ferris Street Park afterwards.
Parent’s signature: _______________________________________
YES/NO           I am available to help supervise this trip.  I can be reached by phone at


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