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April 23
Notes for the Week of April 24, 2017

​Please note that there is no school on Friday, April 28 due to teacher professional development.

We are hard at work writing our "All About" non-fiction books.  We are making lots of different pages (diagram pages, information pages, kinds of pages and how-to pages).  We will continue to write our non-fiction books for at least another week, before I bind them and we share our books with others in the class and in the school.

In math, we have begun the unit on measurement.  The goal in grade one is comparison of different objects based on length, mass, surface area, etc.  We have begun to work with length and we are ordering shortest to longest and longest to shortest.  Students need to use the comparison words (longer, longest, shorter, etc.) to describe the relationship between objects.  This week we will focus on mass.

We will continue to work on addition and subtraction for the remainder of the year.  Your child should be able to figure out the addition facts to 10 using a variety of mental math strategies (counting on, doubles, etc.)  Fact review at home is always beneficial!

In You and Your World, we have been looking at the four food groups and healthy eating habits. 


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