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March 18
Notes for the Week of March 20, 2017

​Spring is officially here! In writing we are working on the concept of "showing not telling", so instead of saying "It was a nice day" we show our reader how lovely it was.  For example, the grade one writer might say "The sun was shining and no one was wearing their snowpants" to give the reader a better picture of the "nice day".

In math, we are solving comparison problems and representing them with math sentences.  Some examples would be:

     Sue had 10 bananas and Joe had 6 bananas.  How many more bananas did Sue have?

     The zoo had giraffes and lions.  They had 9 giraffes.  They had 3 more lions than giraffes.  How many lions did they have?

     Nick had pencils and erasers.  He had 12 pencils. He had 5 fewer erasers than pencils.  How many erasers did he have?

In You and Your World, we have started a 3D mapping project.  Each student has designed an island which they will name and describe.  They will tell about the weather on their island and the types of animals it supports.  After looking at how the climate effects the plants, animals and people in the area, we will draw maps of the island.  Fun!


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