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February 19
Notes for the Week of February 20, 2017

​     This week, in math class, we will begin to work with subtraction.  We will use the concept to solve "take-away" questions and find the difference between two sets.  Students will model these problems with manipulatives, draw pictures of them and write a math sentence or equation representing the problem.  We will begin with the "take-away" problems. Examples of three problem types  ​would be:

  • Anna had 10 bears.  She gave her brother three.  How many does she have now?   10 - 3 = ____ 
  • ​James had 15 marbles.  He gave his brother some.  Now he has seven.  How many did he give his brother?    15 - _____ = 7
  • Sue had some balloons and she gave her brother three of them.  Now she has 7 left.  How many did she have to start?    _____ - 3 = 7
     100 Day is coming up and we will be making 100 Day Posters in class.  I have various collections of small objects, that the children will pick from to make their own poster.  This is a great time to practice their skip counting skills as they organize their objects into sets of 10.



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