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January 22
Notes for the Week of Jan. 23, 2017

​     We are working on dividing numbers up to 20 into equal groups, with and without leftovers.  For example 12 can be divided into 4 groups of three and no leftovers (singles) or two groups of five with 2 leftovers.  We are solving problems like "I have 12 mittens.  How many pairs are there?"  or "There are 20 cow legs in the cow barn.  How many cows are there?"

     We are also practicing counting to 100 by ones, both backwards and forwards.  This is a great skill to work on at home or in the car.

     In literacy, I have just retested the "Words Your Way" levels and I will soon be dividing the students into their new groupings.  Some students will be moving away from the picture sorts into word sorts and they are expected to learn to spell the new words.

     In You and Your World, we are having fun with mapping.  We have made a 3D map and we are going to do several more hands-on projects in this unit.


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