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December 15
Measuring Fun!

​Today we had a measuring scavenger hunt to practice estimating using non-standard units of measure.  Here are the results.

Estimating Lengths and Heights
5 Paper Clips Long:
·       Glue stick (Kendra)
·       Water bottle (Maddy)
·       Kleenex box (square) (Avery)
·       Marker (Nate)
·       Pencil case (Logan)
10 Snaps Cubes:
·       Calendar (Jasper)
·       Nate’s Lunch Box (Nafi)
·       Kenny’s shin (Ella)
·       Ava’s snow man (Stephanie)
7 Straws Long:
·       Ella (Mr. Stiles)
·       White board (Valeria)
·       4 small white boards (Kara)
Three Markers High
·       Class calendar (Avery)
·       Ella’s leg (Kendra)
·       Recycling can (Matthew)


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