News Release – Bliss Carman Middle School Wins Prestigious 2022 ENERGY STAR® Canada Award

Article Posted: Wednesday, June 08, 2022

 News Release – Bliss Carman Middle School Wins Prestigious 2022 ENERGY STAR® Canada Award

June 8, 2022

 Fredericton, NB – Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) selected Bliss Carman Middle School to receive the prestigious 2022 ENERGY STAR® Canada Award for being the highest ENERGY STAR Certified K-12 school in Canada in 2021.


ENERGY STAR Canada is a voluntary partnership between the government and more than 1,000 organizations working on using natural resources more wisely through greater energy efficiency. This year was the first time NRCan separated schools into their own award category, and Bliss Carman Middle School had the unique honour and distinction of being the inaugural winner. "Having the real work of energy savings be recognized by this award is a proud achievement and demonstrates the school district's commitment to energy management in our buildings," says Shawn Tracey, Anglophone West School District's Director of Finance and Administration and a key leader in the district's sustainability efforts. "This award also sets a good example to the students that their school's impact on the environment matters."


Equipped with heat recovery systems and state-of-the-art building management controls, Bliss Carman Middle School was built in 2009 with energy efficiency in mind. In 2018, the school district's facilities team shifted to incorporating energy management as part of their day-to-day operations, and with the help of the school's custodians, staff and students, they have been able to uphold their commitment to efficiency. Benchmarking energy consumption, setting improvement objectives, monitoring and optimizing operations, implementing energy-efficient upgrades, and making smart choices like turning lights and electronics off when not in use have made this award-winning school a shining example of how energy management works.


In 2021, compared to the national median, the school prevented 163 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, which is the equivalent of 50 cars off the road. According to Tim Cross, Energy Manager, Service New Brunswick, who works closely with the school district on their energy management plan, this is a result of teamwork. "Everyone is working together to make a difference - from the government who designed the school and provided the bones to be an energy-efficient building to the district team and the students and school staff who proudly take care of it. Everyone strives to be aware, understand their personal impact on the environment, and do better."


Anglophone West School District has recently adopted an energy management policy and continues to work on reducing energy consumption district-wide. So far, it has one other ENERGY STAR Certified school in its midst and is working on getting more schools on board in the coming years.


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