Covid-19 Measures Lifted - Next Steps as of March 14, 2022

Article Posted: Friday, March 04, 2022

March 4, 2022

Dear ASD-W Families,

Last week the province announced that all remaining COVID-19 measures would be lifted on Monday, March 14, with some exceptions in vulnerable areas. This means that there will be some significant changes for our schools:

1.     Masks will no longer be required, at any time, in our schools or buses.

2.     Effective immediately, proof of vaccination will no longer be required for students to participate in extracurricular and sports activities. Students wishing to join clubs, committees, and other activities may do so regardless of immunization status. Also, spectators are now permitted to attend all applicable extracurricular activities without proof of vaccination. Please note: sports teams currently in mid-season will continue to follow the vaccination protocol, and no new unvaccinated players will be permitted to join at this time.

3.     At this time, proof of vaccination will remain a requirement for all public servants (including those in education) as well as volunteers in our schools.

4.     After today, March 4, families will no longer need to inform the school if their child tests positive for COVID-19, and we will no longer be updating the COVID-19 Dashboard. However, as with missed time for any reason, families will still be responsible for informing the school of their child’s absences.

5.     Isolation rules are no longer in place. As always, if your child is feeling unwell and displaying illness, cold, or flu-like symptoms, you are advised to keep them home until they are feeling better.

It is important to note that while students and staff will no longer be required to wear a mask in school, some will still choose to do so. This will be a personal choice. We understand that our families will have different perspectives on COVID-19 safety measures. While some families are relieved to see the protocols ending, there are families, students, and staff who will experience anxiety as restrictions and safety measures are lessened. Everyone has experienced this pandemic differently, and we ask that everyone be treated with respect and kindness.

While formal safety measures will be lifted, it is important to encourage your children to continue frequent hand washing/sanitizing, proper cough/sneeze etiquette, and monitoring for symptoms of illness. If your child or any of our staff is more comfortable wearing a mask, they are welcome to do so.  Hand sanitizer will continue to be available in schools.

We are again permitted to hold extracurricular events such as dances and end-of-year activities. There is much planning and organizing in the lead-up to these events, and schools will have to assess what is feasible and what resources they have available. Schools will be in touch with their families in the coming months with plans for the end of school year activities.

We understand that each family’s readiness and comfort level may be a little different at this time. However, we hope that our students will feel optimistic upon returning to school after the March Break. We thank staff, students, and families for their cooperation during this time of the global pandemic.

I wish everyone a safe and restful week!


David McTimoney, Superintendent, ASD-W​