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April 02
Continuing learning

Over the next week I will be looking touch base with each one of my students. I have put a note in each of your FreshGrade portfolios,  and I'd like you to respond to it. If you have forgotten how to access FreshGrade you can do it from the Student FreshGrade app OR in a web browser at https://student.freshgrade.com/#connect 

You must bypass the login screen by choosing 'I Have An Account' underneath the green button that says 'View Portfolio', then at the bottom again, click 'Go To District Log In' and search for Anglophone West SD. Once you click that, it will redirect you to the district login page where you'll use your school username and password, the same one you use to sign in to the WiFi at school. This will bring you to your personal FreshGrade page.

If you've read this message, please share it with your classmates. Any student I have not received a message from on FreshGrade will get a personal email or phone call from me on Monday. I hope to connect as many of you to your FreshGrade account as possible first.​


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