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March 29
March 29th

​Hi there fellow GuitArtists - I hope you're all managing to stay healthy and sane during these strange times!  We might get some direction from the Dept of Education about on line learning, but until then the focus remains on our mental and physical health.

For me, that means some exercise, reading, as well as Art and Music.  If you're interested here's what I've been doing:

I keep a regular sketchbook, so I draw in it every day.  If I run out of ideas...well, actually I haven't run out of any ideas yet! 

I also play my guitar and mandolin every day.  I have a bunch of tunes I know, but I'm really trying to improve my mandolin playing, so I learn songs from an awesome website called mandolessons.com.  I'm sure you've used UltimateGuitar.com to learn songs, or maybe you hve other websites that have helped you. 

So - I hope you're finding some time to be creative while we stay home and follow our government's instructions about social distancing.  Whether you're playing old songs you've known for years, or learning new techniques or new songs, casually drawing in your sketchbook or learning new drawing skills, I hope that creativity and the arts are helping you get through the pandemic!


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