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March 21
Music 9, Guitar 10 and ELA 9 Course Updates

I hope this message finds you all safe and well. ​Please take this time to focus on your hobbies, physical and mental well-being for both yourself, family and friends. 

ELA 9, Period 3 and 4

If your TED Talks were/are completed, please hold onto that materials. When further directives come from EECD, I hope to find a way to allow you folks the opportunity to present the work you've done in some capacity. 

Until further directives are given to teachers, make time in your day to read! Read about anything and everything. Find articles about your favorite video games, sports, about people, and places. 

Music 9, Period 1

At this time, until further direction is given from EECD, there is nothing you can be working on. Should you have your theory books at home, feel free to work through the remaining pages and learn more about scales, intervals, triads and arpeggios.

​Guitar 10, Period 5​

If you have guitars at home, keep playing and practicing whatever you wish. Use the Guitar Tuna app to find some fun chord-praciticing games you might try. Ultimate Guitar Tab is a great website to look up songs you may wish to learn, with some excellent additional features. 

At present time, there is no written work or other course work that can be done. Once further directives are given from EECD, we will move forward accordingly.


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