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November 06
Girls in Engineering Information Session

The Diversity Within Engineering Society at UNB will be hosting a virtual session through Microsoft Teams to talk to girls who are interested in STEM and want to learn more about engineering at UNB! This event will take place at 11:00am on November 12th and 13th.  Those who join the session will receive a prize! Students identifying with she/her/they/them are welcome to attend. 

If you can join Thursday, November 12th, follow this link: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3ameeting_OTBlMTM1YjUtN2QyZi00MmIwLWI3MDAtMTE5Y2RiNzA1NTlj%40thread.v2/0?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%22244e6ed2-339a-47f3-b95c-e45351c198b7%22%2c%22Oid%22%3a%221124f737-26df-489f-b13f-3a87ed784d43%22%7d

 If you can join Friday, November 13th, follow this link: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3ameeting_NTg3NjlkN2EtMGU5OS00MDVlLTk5OTEtMGQ4ZThkMWViMGM4%40thread.v2/0?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%22244e6ed2-339a-47f3-b95c-e45351c198b7%22%2c%22Oid%22%3a%221124f737-26df-489f-b13f-3a87ed784d43%22%7d




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