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September 08
Welcome back!

Welcome back to another school year.

My name is Michelle Pugh and I am the guidance counsellor at Keswick Ridge School on Tuesdays and Fridays. This is my third year in this role and I am looking forward to working with your children once again.
What exactly does a guidance counsellor do? While I do work with children individually on social skills, emotional needs, behavioural issues, etc. there are other components to my job as well.
  • Provide small group sessions on social skills that may need a boost.
  • Offer small groups for students who need help with emotional concerns (ex: anxiety, anger, self-esteem).
  • Work with teachers on parts of their curriculum (health, relationships, social issues).
  • Deliver lessons to classes that teachers feel are needed by their students.
  • Collaborate with school staff and caregivers on student needs.
  • Refer families to outside agencies (ex: counselling beyond what the school can provide,  services that might be needed by a family).
  • Highlight and organize activities around anti-bullying, mental health, and other concerns that may arise in our school/community.
As we progress through our year, I will continue to post information and resources that I think will be of interest to caregivers. If you have concerns about your child and you would like to have a conversation with me, please call me at the school 363-4703.
Wishing you all the best for 2017-18.


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