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June 05
Academic Group H and E - Math - Mrs. Jessome


1)  Test on Monday, June 12.  For this test students must be able to:  1)  write a formula for perimeter and find the perimeter using the formula and a balanced equation, 2)  find the area and volume of rectangles using a formula and a balanced equation, 3)  determine the pattern rule from a pattern (diagram), a scenerio (word problem), a Table of Values or a graph, 4)  change the pattern rule into an expression, 5)  use the expression (substitution) to answer (evaluate) a question and 6)  graph a Table of Values.

2)  Complete all of Patterns and Relations - Graphing Worksheet for Wednesday, June 7.  See below for another copy of the worksheet

Patterns and Relations -Graphing Worksheet.pdfPatterns and Relations -Graphing Worksheet.pdf


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