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June 18
2020 Ethos V-ball Camp
June 17
GSMS Major Athletic Awards 2019-20

Athlete of the Year - Aaron Hicks Gr. 8.jpgAthlete of the Year - Ana McCain Gr. 8.jpg
Hatheway Orthodontics Leadership - Ava Sprague Gr. 8.jpg

Hatheway Orthodontics Leadership - Noah Versloot Gr. 8.jpgSports Dedication - Lily Breneol Gr. 8.jpg Sportsmanship - Owen Flynn Gr. 8.jpg Sportsmanship - Sophie MacAfee.jpg

Sports Dedication-Dax Manuel Gr. 8.jpg
Sportsmanship  Award:

Owen Flynn (Gr. 8)

Sophie MacAfee (Gr. 8)

Sports Dedication  Award:

Dax Manuel (Gr. 8)

Lily Breneol (Gr. 8)

Hatheway Orthodontics Athletic Leadership Award:

Noah Versloot (Gr. 8)

Ava Sprague (Gr. 8)

Athletes of the Year:

Aaron Hicks (Gr. 8)

Ana McCain (Gr. 8)

June 17
GSMS Athletic Awards 2019-20 Slideshow
February 05
Football Opportunity


January 27
Volleyball Coaches Needed

Based on student interest from the sign-up sheets I am still looking for coaches for the following teams:

Tier 2 Boys (Gr. 7-8). This will be for the students who do not make Varsity of JV.

Tier 2 Girls (Gr. 7-8). This will be for the students who do not make Varsity of JV.

Gr. 6 Girls. We will have 2 teams. 

Gr. 6 Boys. We will have 2 teams.  

Gr. 6 teams will likely share some practice times together to maximize gym time. 

Please speak to Mr. Graham (Athletic Coordinator) at mark.graham@nbed.nb.ca if interested in volunteering. If we do not have the coaches, we will just have fewer teams. 

January 04
6 Boys Purple & Gold B-ball Teams

​Due to the high number of interested players and volunteers available, we have been able to add a 2nd team. The 12 players who originally had been selected and anyone one else interested are to attend the Tuesday, Jan. 7 selection process from 6-7:30pm. Rosters for the 2 teams will be posted Wednesday morning so that players will know if they are on Purple or Gold. The original 12 are guarnteed on one of the teams. 

December 16
6 Boys Basketball Coaches Needed
We are looking for coaches for the Gr. 6 boys basketball team. If interested, please contact Athletic Coordinator: mark.grahm@nbed.nb.ca
December 11
She is Active with the Reds Dec.14, 2019

Girls program available. 

She is Active with the Reds (2).pdfShe is Active with the Reds (2).pdf

December 10
Badminton Districts Tier 1

​Great work from Tier 1 badminton districts, we came out both girls and boys champions8G1.jpg


December 08
Badminton Mixed Doubles

Great work from our athletes! ​

Gr. 6 Teddy and Bailey got bronze 

Gr. 8 Aaron and Ana got gold





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