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November 16
Basketball Teams 2021-22
November 15
Basketball Tryouts 2021-22

Gr. 6 Boys Tryout 2 information for selected players B-ball Gr. 6 Boys Team 2nd Tryout Invitation 2021-22.pdfB-ball Gr. 6 Boys Team 2nd Tryout Invitation 2021-22.pdf

JV Boys (Gr. 6-7) Tryout 2 information for selected players JV Boys B-ball Try Out 2.pdfJV Boys B-ball Try Out 2.pdf

Varsity Boys (Gr. 7-8) Tryout 3 information for selected playersVarsity Boys B-ball Try Out 3.pdfVarsity Boys B-ball Try Out 3.pdf

October 29
Varsity Soccer Finals are on today

Games are still on today even with schools closed. Good luck to the boys playing ELE in the final at ELE at 4:45pm. Good luck to the girls playing ESA at 4:45pm at Barker Street Pitch. ​

September 17
JV Soccer Teams 2021-22
September 15
Varsity Soccer Teams 2021-22
June 25
Celebration of Athletics 2020-21

Celebration of Athletics for 2020-21. Big thank you to all our athletes for trying their best and being active! 

GSMS Athletics Awards 2020-21 Slideshow.pdfGSMS Athletics Awards 2020-21 Slideshow.pdf

June 17
GSMS Major Athletic Awards 2019-20

Athlete of the Year - Aaron Hicks Gr. 8.jpgAthlete of the Year - Ana McCain Gr. 8.jpg
Hatheway Orthodontics Leadership - Ava Sprague Gr. 8.jpg

Hatheway Orthodontics Leadership - Noah Versloot Gr. 8.jpgSports Dedication - Lily Breneol Gr. 8.jpg Sportsmanship - Owen Flynn Gr. 8.jpg Sportsmanship - Sophie MacAfee.jpg

Sports Dedication-Dax Manuel Gr. 8.jpg
Sportsmanship  Award:

Owen Flynn (Gr. 8)

Sophie MacAfee (Gr. 8)

Sports Dedication  Award:

Dax Manuel (Gr. 8)

Lily Breneol (Gr. 8)

Hatheway Orthodontics Athletic Leadership Award:

Noah Versloot (Gr. 8)

Ava Sprague (Gr. 8)

Athletes of the Year:

Aaron Hicks (Gr. 8)

Ana McCain (Gr. 8)

June 17
GSMS Athletic Awards 2019-20 Slideshow
December 10
Badminton Districts Tier 1

​Great work from Tier 1 badminton districts, we came out both girls and boys champions8G1.jpg


December 08
Badminton Mixed Doubles

Great work from our athletes! ​

Gr. 6 Teddy and Bailey got bronze 

Gr. 8 Aaron and Ana got gold





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