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September 19
2G Newsletter Sept.19th
2G Newsletter Sept.19th
Dear Families,
We had a great turnout for the Corn Boil and it was so nice meeting so many parents and family members!
We have been busy creating our classroom community and practicing classroom procedures. I am sure your child has been telling you about all the reading, writing and word work we have been doing in our classroom! We will finish our Pattern unit next week and start the Numeration unit. Building and strengthening number sense is happening through everyday activities in our classroom for example asking questions such as: what will the date be 3 days from today? We have 19 students in our class, 2 students are absent, how many students are at school today? I’m sure there are many opportunities for you to “talk math” with your child at home to build their number sense. It is important to practice basic math facts throughout the year.
During the past couple of weeks we have been learning how to choose good fit books and why it is important to choose books that we can read. Research shows when children are reading independently, they should be reading books they understand and can read. Reading books that are too difficult can lead to frustration, inability to understand the story, and then reading is no longer enjoyable. We want children to enjoy reading, which means it is important they are reading books they are interested in and on their just right level! Research also shows that children are motivated to read when they can choose their own books.
You can help your child at home to choose good fit books by remembering this acronym: IPICK; I choose books to read, Purpose, Interest, Comprehension, and know the words. Here are some of the questions you can ask your child when listening to them read or helping them pick IPICK books at home:
·         What is the purpose for choosing this book? Is it for fun or to learn something?
·         Is this a book you are interested in?
·         Who did you read about and what did they do?
·         Did you know the words or most of them?
We will continue to take home IPICK books for homework throughout the year. If your child happens to bring home a book that seems too easy or too difficult remind them to trade it for another book that is a better fit for them. I try really hard to monitor the books they take home but there are times when a student will take a book that is not the greatest fit for them. This is an ongoing process that we will continue to learn and practice at school. Please remember to send take home books back every Friday.
 School library books will come home Monday and are due on Friday.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your support.
Liz Glenwright
REMINDER- Please check your child’s hair regularly for lice. We have had cases in our class as well as other classes so monitoring should be ongoing.


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